Coaches Corner

Back Office Training

As a member of Vemma, you have your very own marketing website featuring the new Reinvent Your Life video and a sophisticated back office—the command center of your new Vemma business.

Follow the steps below if you haven't set up your username and password.

  1. Setting Up Your Website(print this page for easy reference)
    • Go to —under "First Time?", click on Create a Username and Password.
    • Follow the instructions and fill out the requested info, (VID stands for Vemma I.D. number, the 9-digit number you should have received when you signed up. (Call customer support at 800-577-0777 for assistance if you did not receive it.)
    • You can leave the SSN blank.
    • Be sure to write down the username and password you create.
    • Check the box to receive all emails and click Submit.
    • Your website should now be set up. Try it now:
      This is the web address or link you'll want to send to all your potential customers and business partners.
  2. Navigating Your Back Office at
    • Login by clicking on Member Login on your website or at and enter your username and password.
    • Check the two boxes regarding policies, procedures and member agreement and Submit.
    • Click on "My Account". (You may be asked to login one more time.) Once at My Account, set your Placement Strategy to "1L, 1R, Profit Leg".